Women´s Interlink Foundation

Pradip – Partner Eine Welt arbeitet bei allem Projekten mit Partnerorganisationen vor Ort in Indien zusammen. Die meisten unserer Projekte werden von Women’s Interlink Foundation (WIF) unter der Leitung von Aloka Mitra betreut.
WIF arbeitet u.a. auch mit UNICEF, der GTZ, GOAL (Irland), Save A Child Fund (Großbritannien) und Terres des Hommes (Schweiz) zusammen. Für jedes Projekt bekommt „Pradip – Partner Eine Welt“ regelmäßig sowohl Aktivitätsberichte, als auch detaillierte Finanzberichte.

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Grußwort von Aloka Mitra:

“When I first met Anja, 15 years ago, we agreed to do one project together which interested her greatly. Over the years she became our most precious and loved partner and her involvement with many of our projects reached out for hundreds of girls in our two homes, the streetchildren (girls and boys) and children of redlight – areas. Most of them are now grown up and doing very well. She and her wonderful members like Mira, Anna, Moni, Kyra, Martina, her parents have worked tirelessly to partner and support our many children´s- projects, for which we are most grateful. Anja has intimate knowledge of our work, the children´s progress, needs, expenditures and so much more, as she comes every year and works very hard indeed for many days. On behalf of Women´s Interlink Foundation I express my love and warmest best wishes to Anja and all the wonderful volunteers and the generous donars, who have changed the lives of hundreds of children in Kolkata.”