Unsere Partnerorganisation Familia

Von K.C. Thomas

    It has been many years since “Pradip Partner Eine Welt” and “Familia” started our partnership. The important point to remember is that Familia did not approach Pradip Partner Eine Welt but the latter sought out Familia in this comparatively unknown and remote location and offered to support a project almost every year. Today we wonder how Famila would have fared if “Pradip Partner Eine Welt” had not discovered us so many years ago.

    Anja Finckh, now Fischer, the Founder, visited Familia many times in the past and has been supporting Familia’s projects ever since 1996. Since then she has been personally visiting Familia once in a year (except two years when she sent Mira Schoen) Some major projects supported were: 5 Chinese Model biogas plants, each with a capacity of 4 cubic meters, 7 sewing machines, two new class rooms in Familia School, One 15KVA Generator set for Familia School, all the Furnitures for the office rooms, new Class rooms, library and the three laboratories as well as laboratory equipments. Further assistance has been promised for the current year.

    In short, Pradip Partner Eine Welt has been one of the biggest support groups for Familia and, up to this day, the biggest supporter of Familia School. It may be mentioned that Familia School tries to bring quality English medium schooling to the rural children of the area. In future the school will be able to produce some sure income to support the various charitable projects of Familia. Ours was not like any other Partnership between two organizations. We were always treated as part of a family. I, K.C.Thomas, founder secretary of Familia, visited Anja and her family in Ausburg on two occasions and also visited her parents in Simbach once. During his second visit my wife, Kavita, also accompanied me. We shall always remember late Mr. Dieter Finckh with gratitude and love. We are very happy to know that Pradip Partner Eine Welt will complete 20 years of its valuable service this year. We wish Anja and all the members of the organization every success. May your great organization flourish and serve the needy for many long years to come. The children, senior citizens and the volunteers and staff of Familia pray for God’s Blessings upon your organization.

    Long live Pradip Partner Eine Welt!