Pradip – Partner One World

“Pradip – Partner One World” is an honorary/ voluntary initiative, supported by fund-raising, working in cooperation with the Protestant-Lutheran Church Community of Simbach, financing various social projects in the Calcutta area (India).
The main focus is on education and health projects for street children, orphans and on projects for disabled children. Furthermore we are helping the victims of human trafficking, for example child prostitution.


You can find the latest information about the projects in the Annual reports.

20 Years “Pradip – Partner One World”. In 2016 we can now look back on 20 years of commitment to people in need. Details about our anniversary may be found here.

In 2010, in honour of her immense commitment, the founder of PRADIP, Anja Fischer, received the “Bundesverdienstmedaille” in the name of the German President, Head of State of the Federal Republic of Germany.