Centre for Children of Prostitutes, forced prostitution and child trafficking

Forced Prostitution and child trafficking

For many years we have had a strong emphasis on the topics of human trafficking as well as forced prostitution. Currently, ten thousand women and girls are working in the biggest red-light-district of Calcutta. They were often lured into Calcutta with false promises of work but end up being kidnapped and sold. Escape is impossible. Consequently, their own children run a high risk of becoming forced prostitutes. One of the most important goals of our work is to prevent this and to save them from that fate.


With their mothers working, children may attend our centre where they are taught and supported while doing their homework. They receive medical treatment, clothing and free balanced meals. After lessons they have the opportunity to play in a protected environment. Regularly, their mothers meet to educate them about the facts of health risks etc. They also receive regular medical advice. The mothers usually belong to a “madam” and are not free. Weekly, a dancing instructor also teaches the children traditional Bengal Dances.

Because of the centre, while mothers are engaged in forced prostitution, children no longer have to remain hidden or sedated with sleeping tablets. Similarly, they do not loiter on the streets where capture by pimps and traffickers can occur any time. Mothers harbour continuous concern about their childrens’ futures. By the time the children turn eight, the “Madams” and pimps are interested in them. Girls of this age are very valuable– worth 100.000 INR (approx. 1.124 Euros).
Meanwhile all the children attend state schools while the younger children automatically start first year at state school.

Annual Costs:

  • Pre-School children and younger children (20 children): 551,347 INR (approx. 6,411 €)
  • Schoolchildren (30 children): 588,507 INR (approx. 6,843 €)