Vocational Training for children of prostitutes

Currently, due to full occupancy at the children’s home in Nijoloy, no new children can be facilitated. As a result, we are searching for alternatives for the children and teenagers of the redlight district.

Vocational training is provided to allow them to leave their difficult past environment and to prevent the children ending up in prostitution (like their mothers) or as pimps.
Since 2013 we have sourced a classroom where the vocational training takes place. During the night this classroom can also be used as a safe haven for the children to stay while their mothers work.

Some of the boys and girls receive training to learn how to use computers. This is a skill which is required in almost every profession in this day and age. Subsequently, the girls get trained in sewing traditional clothes and bags. The demand for these items in India is vast and without end. This is particularly so in India, which has a unique clothes tradition that does not really exist anywhere else.

During their vocational training they also learn how to market their products and get introduced to basic management skills. Finally they are supported when it comes to earning their living.

Annual Costs:

Sewing and Embroidery (6 participants): 123,824 INR (approx. 1,439 €)