20th Anniversary

20 years ago, our initiative started with a small project for children with disabilities. Until today we have contact with the families and can see that the work bears fruit. Over the years, hundreds of children have been added to various projects. The target groups were always those people who were most affected by exploitation or who had the worst living conditions, either forced prostitutes, street or orphan children.
Even though the mass of needed persons and the dimension of poverty in India are still overwhelming, I see a great change in our project areas in recent years. Through the continuous work of our social workers, the parents of street children no longer have to be convinced of the advantages of school education, they want their children to have a future. Child labour has reduced massively, as well as the number of early teen weddings. None of our former girls from the project in the red light district Sonagachi prostitute themselves. All these achievements are the convincing work of our partner organisations and of course your continuous donation since 1996.

We would like to thank all our donors for their great support. Without your help, the work of our partner organisations would not be possible. Thank you to all who have been helping us for years. Among them are many private donors, schools, kindergartens, senior groups, foundations, etc., who collect money with a lot of dedication and effort, for example by organizing charity runs.

Some comments on the 20th Anniversary

Our Partner Women ́s Interlink Foundation: by Aloka Mitra
Our Partner Familia: by K.C. Thomas
Protestant Lutheran Church of Simbach am Inn: Pastor Viktor Meißner
Kumar Ray, accountant in Calcutta
Former director of Dante Secondary School in Munich, Heinz Reinhardt
Director of Dante Secondary School in Munich, Bernhard Fanderl
Katharina Luidl, teacher at Stockdorf Elementary School