Protestant- Lutheran Church of Simbach am Inn

By Pastor Viktor Meißner

    On the importance of the project “Pardip – Partner One World” to the parish:

    It has always been a self-evident task for the Protestant- Lutheran parish of Simbach to assist the poor and the needy. When the refugee community arose after World War II, one knew the hardships and worries, the value of the most basic needs as well as the meaning of hunger.
    Community members always stood for this view of the needy. Many of them have been engaged for decades, at our doorstep and worldwide. Therefore “Pradip” fits well into the work of our parish, although the donation work has long since skipped the borders of the community, acquiring donations throughout southern Germany, attractive for donors outside and within church communities and even from an important number of schools.

    Of importance to the parish is:
    The initiator and responsible head of “Pradip” comes from our community and was interwoven with the parish through leadership tasks. Through regular contacts and regular communication, the members of the community are well integrated into the work. The funding projects are presented very concretely and close up. Through personal visits and regular reports the topic “Pradip – Partner One World” remains relevant in the community. Also visits from the partners from India strengthen the bonds.
    There has been a broad basis of trust, which allows donors to be sure that their EURO really arrives at those in need. Thus “Pradip” helps to substantiate the special traditional task profile of our parish and to transport it further to the subsequent generations. We are delighted that even after 20 years within our community, the charitable donations still receive a broad consensus and therefore we will gladly support the work of “Pradip – Partner One World” with our structure and our technical possibilities.

    Pastor Viktor Meißner, Protestant- Lutheran Parish Simbach am Inn