Home for the children of prostitutes


One hundred and fifteen children whose mothers work in the red light district live here. Some girls were forced to work as child prostitutes or were victims of extremely exploitative child labour. Some of them have never attended school but were imprisoned in brothels. The girls are in constant danger of being drawn into the sex industry. In order to remove them from the direct influence of their mothers’ pimps they are brought to Nijoloy.
Even though each one of the girls suffers from her own personal trauma, the cheerful mood in Nijoloy is surprising.
The teenagers and young adults are all provided with a vocational training or they study at university. Some of them are trained in block-printing, others will be cooks or nurses. All of them do have their own bank account where they can save the money they are earning. They are all unbelievably proud. Our partner organisation was able to facilitate a connection to the British clothes chain, Top Shop where the block-printed scarves are now sold.

Additionally, the state of West-Bengal provides financial support to Nijoloy but cannot cover all costs. So Pradip – Partner One World finances the remaining sum.

Annual Costs:

3,176,152 INR (approx. 36,932 €)