Completed: Educational training for girls

Educational Training at the Mukhada Highschool

The education of girls in India is still not valued equally in comparison to the education of the boys. Since 1999, together with Shika Das Gupta, the former headmistress of the Mukhada Highschool, we had provided a small scholarship for the poorest girls to attend the school. All the girls came from very poor families. In addition, we were financing a canteen for forty children with extreme needs. Following on from a government programme financing a meal for every child attending a public school up to the age of 8, the Indian state took over the running of the canteen.

In 2015 Shika Das Gupta retired and as a result, we ended our cooperation. Now most of the girls attend college or university or are working as teachers themselves.

Those 16 girls who had received our support all came from extremely poor families and could not pay for their education. With our support they were able to attend school up to 12th grade and to continue with a vocational training or university. In addition, we provided school books to the poorest children.