Centre for children of corpse burners

Kalighat – Sasan

The families of the corpse burners belong to the lowest cast, “the untouchables”, of Indian society
They live in small self-made barracks or tents on the banks of the river Ganges. The hygienic situation here is extremely negative. The children either help their fathers with the burning ceremonies or have others jobs, for example helping in other people’s households. Previously, they had to get the holy mud out of the Ganges river water. This has now been forbidden as the mud is extremely dirty and poisonous. But they continue to take coins out of the water which are sacrificed during the burning ceremonies.

In our center we are preparing the children for attending state schooling. They receive learning support, medical treatment and regular meals. Like in other projects, once a week, a dancing instructor teaches them traditional Bengal dances. Every month a meeting for the mothers is scheduled. At this meeting we inform them about their children’s educational development. Furthermore they are provided with information about hygiene and general health.

Annual Costs:

  • Pre-School children and younger children (30 children): 531,780 INR (approx. 6,183 €)
  • Schoolchildren (30 children): 527,862 INR (approx. 6,138 €)