Centre for Street Children


Financed since 2000. Aimed at children who live on the sidewalks of the traffic ridden streets of Calcutta. They struggle for a place to sleep, for food and to retain their few personal belongings. Before the initiation of this project most of the children survived by collecting and recycling rubbish.

Services provided in our centre are: Education,Homework supervision supported by local teachers, Provision of a balanced meal, Clothing and weekly access to medical treatment. Furthermore and as a distraction from their daily lives, a dancing instructor is provided as well as frequent excursions to the zoo or museums.

As a result of the project, all of our children are able to visit state run schools, while many children have a proper job and are no longer living on the streets.
Additionally and critically, their parents’ knowledge of education has been transformed with a desire for their children to attain education.

Annual costs:

  • Pre-School and younger children (35 children): 557,460 INR (approx. 6,482 €)
  • Schoolchildren (30 children): 517,614 INR (approx. 6,019 €)