Orphanage Childcare Home

In the orphanage, „Chidcare Home“ we are financing the orphanage expenses for 7 girls who do not receive state support because they are too old. An additional 9 girls receive our support for tuition costs or for costs that will not be financed by the state. 

All these chidren have a difficult past. They were either found deserted on the streets by the police or rescued from child labour or child prostitution.

All girls take part in a vocational training or are able to study at university.

For example Bandana:

Bandana came to Childcare Home six years ago, when she was 13. She lost her parents at a young age but cannot remember exactly when. She and her older brother initially worked for a family in Bombay. After a few years her brother stole items from that household and they fled to Calcutta. There he sold Bandana to the Red Light District. After some time, she somehow managed to flee from there. A local youth club then transferred her to a state-run orphanage and from there she came to “Childcare Home”.

Annual Cost:

Rehabilitation costs for 7 girls, personnel and general expenses for 16 girls: 811,238 INR (approx. 9,433 €)